Again and Again

And so, I revised the digital copy for the last time--or so I thought. After uploading it on my Kindle, I found two errors.

And so once again, I'm waiting for the book to be published until I can re-upload the final final final version. I swear, I'm not gonna read it anymore lest I find more errors. (don't follow my lead, writers)

In other news, here's what I posted in #romanceclass, the online class on romance novella writing initiated by Mina V. Esguerra about how I finished the whole thing.

my romance novella writing experience:

so yes, i cheated. technically, i already had my novella written even before i joined this class. i wrote it on my last trimester of pregnancy last year. i don't know why, but i just felt the need to do something creative--something that required more effort than the usual before i popped. i started by writing a YA novella. i couldn't progress beyond the 2nd chapter. so i figured, why not try writing a romance novella?

i trawled the net for tips on novel writing. also, pregnancy made my brain feel nice and fuzzy. all it craved were chick-lit books. that was part of research. 

i basically did the following steps:
1) mapped out MC's character. this will determine her voice, decisions and ultimately, her fate.
2) had a general idea of the storyline.
3) but to make sure i had enough material to stretch it into chapters, i wrote a synopsis for each chapter. no judgment, no grammar checking. white-heat writing first so i can make some progress.
4) then everyday, i made sure i put in some work. i allotted two days per chapter.

i started the project 2 months before i gave birth. and i finished it 2 weeks before my due date. so it's doable! i'm glad i wrote it then because now, with an almost one-year-old EBFeeding (plus my regular home-based work), i don't think I'd be able to wing it.

happy writing, everyone!

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