This Week's Happenings

1. Paperback copies of Vintage Love

And because a lot of people still liked to feel the paper in their hands while reading, I decided to have VL printed in paperback. The books are cute little things, only 9x6 in size, printed on 104 pages of white paper.  I would've loved for the font size to be bigger (currently it's 9.5, Garamond) but doing so would make it more expensive.

They're ready to be shipped to readers within the Philippines, but if you're abroad and would like to purchase a copy, you can do so thru the ever reliable Amazon.

If you want to buy a copy, and you're in the country, kindly  send me a DM thru my Facebook page.

2. Which bring me to the 2nd "this week's happenings" item--finally made myself an FB page!  I didn't want to spam my non-reading friends on my personal account about #romanceclass updates and my writing endeavors, so I decided to keep that part of my life separate.

3. #romance class has a table at AKLATAN, The First All-Filipino Book Festival, happening later. Our guru Mina V. Esguerra and hubby Michael Co (also an indie-published author) arranged the whole thing, and we're psyched--even with all the last-minute preparations. I'm blessed to be part of a writing group that's grounded on generosity and good vibes. Yesterday, my family and I went to the neighborhood printer to have Vintage Love bookmarks ready as giveaways for the event.

Hope to see you at AKLATAN at the Alphaland Mall, near the Magallanes MRT station.

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