Booked and Bushed!

A confession: I haven't attended the Manila International Book Fair since it was pulled out from Megamall. And from the way I panic-bought yesterday, it was probably just as well.

 Before going there, I reminded myself over and over that I was there to sign books; NOT to go crazy buying them. But how could I not? Especially now, that I'm shopping for two. And believe me, there was a lot more that I wanted to buy. But maybe, I should let my wallet recover first.

It was heaven seeing all sorts of books and book-lovers gather in one place. And what made this event more special was that I finally saw two of my novellas in print.

Still, that wasn't the best part. The most winning moment of all was seeing #romanceclass-mates, fellow readers and writers, social media-buddies, and the woman who got me started on this path, come in full force, buying our books and having them signed. If it weren't for these people, and lots of other people silently supporting us local indie writers, I don't think publishing companies would sit up, take notice, and take a chance on our lovingly crafted stories.

THANK YOU, everyone.

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