Contemplating Life Choices

I've always loved writing and reading ever since I was a kid, but there was a time (in college) when I thought writing wasn't for me. Back then, I felt there were a lot of better writers in my university, and that my skills weren't up to par. During senior year, I took a photography class, and because of my teacher's encouraging comments, I toyed with the idea of becoming a photographer.

I didn't like having to set up lights, and the photo projects I enjoyed most were the ones done outdoors, photographing people in candid settings. My dad used to be really into photography, so I read his photography books and used his Nikkon F4. After poring over the gorgeous photos in my dad's hardbound copy of LIFE, I had a eureka moment. Photojournalism, that was what I wanted.

My first job involved writing. After less than a year on the job, I began feeling I was in the wrong place. Office work wasn't for me. I quit my job to take photography classes at Mowelfund, but sadly, that plan fell through.

I landed in television, which wasn't so bad. I remembered declaring during my college years that if I were to work for TV, I only wanted to work in this children's show--which actually came true! How cool was that?

When I started to earn more money, I spent my savings on nothing else but travel. Never mind if I didn't have new clothes or gadgets. As long as I traveled, I felt fulfilled. When I left the children's show, I started taking on freelance projects, which allowed me to visit different parts of the country. The videos I wrote for usually involved development work, which meant immersing in communities.

I don't know why I'm talking about this now, but I guess it's the usual What if? thinking. I chanced upon an article on Hannah Reyes Morales and though I've heard of her before, her words suddenly took me back to the past, and to the future I could've been living now if I'd chosen differently. It was as if I recognized my past self in her, making me dig up old photos of what I called then my soul projects.

I thought of sharing some of them with you.

                                         Hokkaido, Japan (2006)

Guian Island, Eastern Samar (2006)

                                          Marrakech, Morocco (2006)

                                         Ouarzazate, Morocco (2006)
                                         Ouarzazate, Morocco (2006)

                                          Miarayon, Bukidnon (2008)

                                                   Miarayon, Bukidnon (2008)

I don't know where my other travel photos have gone, but those were of the more touristy variety. Probably that was the time when I had let go of the photojournalism dream.

But who knows? I might take this up again when my kids are grown up and I have more time (and hopefully, the funds) to travel.

In the meantime, I write novels. And I'm forever grateful to #romanceclass for leading me to this path, which I very much enjoy and find fulfillment in.

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