finally, an update!

After finishing a short story for children, I'm finally working on a new romance novella project. It revolves around a sport--quite a challenge since I've never been involved in one, though I've always dreamed of being an athlete.  The closest I've gotten to this goal is doing a few years of yoga and my current love affair with zumba.

The story is basically about a collegiate volleyball player and her quest for romance. Now, college volleyball is something the hubby and I have followed avidly, and this season, I've been inspired to restart this writing project because my favorite team has finally won the championship after three consecutive years of being second best.

You can follow its progress here.

I thought of uploading each chapter as soon as I finished it just so I could fool myself into thinking that people are actually reading the story, and are waiting in delicious anxiety for the next installment. It helps minimize the dilly-dallying.

Thanks, friends, for the support. :-)

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