Once upon a Player--coming soon!

These days, it's all about revising, revising, revising.

My second romance novella, Once upon a Player, will hit e-book stands hopefully in July (next month!).  It's been one helluva ride finishing it because like I mentioned in my previous post, I uploaded each chapter on Wattpad as soon as I wrote it. At first, I was finishing one chapter a week. But towards ACT 3, I had a sudden burst of writing energy and I was finishing two a week!

I just want to get the birthing process over with because a new season, at least here in the Philippines (Shakey's V-league), is coming up and I want the story to coincide with all the volleyball feels fans will be drowning in once it starts.

The whole thing, raw version, is still actually up on Wattpad. Once the e-book is ready to make its grand entrance, I will be taking down the story except for the first three chapters. So if you want to take a look at it, with all the typos and inconsitencies in all their written glory, check out my story here. So far it has 5,000+ reads and I'm happy to note that they're not all local readers.  A lot of them come from Brazil, where v-ball is this HUGE thing.

Also, my first romance novella, Vintage Love is free on Amazon for two more days! It's bundled up with two other terrific stories: Cover (Story) Girl by Chris Mariano and All's Fair in Blog and war by Chrissie Peria. Download it now and join the other 500+ readers who did. We got downloads from all over (UK, US, Brazil, etc.) Mina Esguerra, our awesome mentor, who's just as awesome in writing romance novellas (do check out her work) made this happen. Click this to get your copy!

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