What Helps Me Write

It's hard to get that first (shitty) draft going, and staring at my computer screen while doing that type-delete-pause routine completely drains me. Besides, since my work also involves tapping on my keyboard, I relish the time I spend away from it.

I find that it's easier for me to complete a novella when I first organize my thoughts on paper.

(Sorry for the mirror image--that's what Photobooth coughs out)

I don't edit my thoughts or think about the grammar. I just write and write and write. The day after, I transfer the words on my computer. Sometimes, I don't even have to look at my notes because they're all in my head, and I now have a clearer, more succinct version that flows from my fingertips.

I guess it's because I'd already purged my brain of all unnecessary plot elements that I'm able to get a more accurate feel of what the story is all about.

How about you? What's your technique?

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