Senior Moments

Kuwento ni Celestino Cabal.

Kabebertdey niya lang. 

Mayroon siyang natanggap na regalo na ngayo'y unti-unti niyang binubuksan.

Ika nga ng mga matatanda, "Huli man daw at magaling, maihahabol din." 

Reading this graphic novel by Russell Molina and Ian Sta. Maria was a stroll down memory lane. I grew up on my kuyas' Filbar's comic book treasures--my favorites included The 'Nam, Power Man and Iron Fist, The Infinity Gauntlet series, Groo, and of course, Tintin.

But the last time I picked up a comic book was back in high school when I started collecting Asterix and Obelix. Now, reading Sixty Six makes me want to get into the joy of reading this genre again.

The illustrations were very spot-on and cinematic, hitting me at gut-level, while the dialogues were crisp and very Filipino. I laughed out loud so many times, though comedy was just a side dish of this visual feast. It had everything--love, action, comedy, drama, and even, kababalaghan.

My favorite part about Sixty Six is that it chose to have a senior citizen as a main character. There's so much focus in our culture (and commercial literature) on the young, and I thought Mang Tino was a refreshing hero. He reminded me of my dad, of my future self--when it's my turn to hand over that senior citizen ID to get my discount in supermarkets and restos.

It's cool to be old. It's cool to have lived your life the best way you can, and contend with creaking joints and gray hair. And best of all, it's cool to be old and have superpowers.

Now, excuse me while I lend this gem of a book to my 16-year-old nephew, who aspires to make a graphic novel of his own.

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